Hermes’ 4 gladiators to carry message of bloodlust to Mortal Arena

Hermes is the messenger of Olympian gods. He is also known as the divine trickster, the god of roads, flocks, commerce and thieves. He is the only Olympian who is capable of crossing the border between the living and the dead. By all accounts, He is a darling of the gods. He is also very close to his father Zeus and has acted in many of his affairs as a wingman.

Today this wingman has his own wings and he wants the throne of heaven for himself. He has chosen 4 Greek heroes to carry out his task. These heroes are- Pandora, Bellerophon, Meleager and Cassiopeia.

Pandora (Legendary Hero)

Well, Pandora’s box is something we have all heard of, now you better learn her story also. Pandora was the first mortal woman, the creation of gods who dwell on Olympus. When Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans, Zeus decided to punish him. He ordered the creation of Pandora. Moulded by Hephaestus, she embodied perfection.

At the time of her marriage, all the gods gave her a jar packed with gifts that will plague humankind. Unknowingly, Pandora opened the jar and it is known as the end of the Golden Age of Humanity. Presently she is plaguing Mortal Arena alongside Hermes.

Bellerophon (Epic Hero)

Bellerophon was the son of Poseidon and Eurynome. His mother’s husband Glaucus raised him thinking of him as his own. With his persistence and bravery, he tamed Pegasus but his life took a different turn and he had to perform a series of deadly tasks to prove his innocence in a case of false accusation.

On his return he received half the kingdom of Lobates and his daughter Philonoe in marriage. Ultimately, the arrogance of Bellerophon offended Zeus and he was crippled for the rest of his life. Now he will use his strength and Pegasus to fight for Hermes in Mortal Arena.

Meleager (Common Hero)

Meleager was the son of King Oeneus of Calydon and Althaea. As predicted upon his birth, Meleager was noble and brave, second only to Heracles in abilities. He married Cleopatra and had a daughter Polydora.

Meleager’s domestic peace was taken away when Artemis unleashed a fearsome boar in his homeland. He led the famous Calydonian Boar Hunt. He will use his same menacing skills in Mortal Arena to win the throne for Hermes.

Cassiopeia (Common Hero)

Cassiopeia was the very beautiful and vain queen of Aethiopia, wife of King Cepheus. She committed hubris by boasting about the beauty of his daughter Andromeda and herself. It naturally infuriated Poseidon and he sent his wrath upon Aethiopia.

Consulting an oracle, Cassiopeia and her husband decided to sacrifice their daughter but she was saved by a brave hero. Cassiopeia, however, was tied to a chair in heaven so that she would revolve upside down half of the time. Hermes has chosen her, to plot against other Olympian gods and fight in Mortal Arena.



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